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In 1999, Tonghe was founded in China and is well known all over the world.
“Scientific Tonghe, International Tonghe and Centurial Tonghe” is our great vision. To devote all to healthier, more fashionable and more civilized clothes is Tonghe’s faith. To realize the vision and faith, Tonghe carries out the strategy of inheritage, talent, product, base and marketing, embraces “five innovations”: idea innovation, thought innovation, consciousness innovation,ideologyinnovation, behavior innovation. We aim to challenge and surpass ourselves.

Idea changes the world, innovation creates value, quality makes brand, culture leads to success. Tonghe would become the world-famous company and brand. Tonghe employees would insist on “autonomous study, autonomous education, autonomous cultivate, autonomous realization, autonomous management” to fight with love, heart, affection, wisdom and life.

 Choosing Tonghe is choosing success and future. We sincerely hope to go forward with you.