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  1. Employees’ idea state: sense of responsibility, sense of honor, sense of mission, sense of crisis
  2. Employees’ thinking model: straight thinking, logical thinking, divergent thinking, reverse thinking
  3. Accuracy lies in implement, agreement lies in communication,
    Success lies in perseverance, praise lies in devotion,
    Ability lies in experience, development lies in study,
    Benefit lies in perseverance, life lies in exercise
  4. Idea innovation, thought innovation, consciousness innovation, ideology innovation, behavior innovation
  5. Autonomous study, autonomous education, autonomous cultivate, autonomous realization, autonomous management
  6. Mature idea, mature mentality, mature personality, mature mind, mature behavior
  7. Export: birthday, anniversary of founding of company, training, refresher course, promotion, salary increase, professional qualification, join the Party
  8. Courteous reception:
    Tonghe Kind Fund
    Tonghe Innovation fund
    Tonghe Nobel Prize: Nobel invention prize, Nobel innovation prize, Nobel contribution prize, Nobel model prize, Nobel team prize
    Employees’ birthday welfare: raise the national flag, message blessing, birthday cake, birthday blessing on electronic screen, greeting card signed by company president